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LETTERS: Descendent appreciates Prairie Lawn directory

To the editor:

During my childhood, I spent many enjoyable weekends and summers visiting my grandparents in Peabody. They are now deceased and I live out of state.

On several occasions over the past few years, my mother and I would visit the Prairie Lawn Cemetery to try to locate my grandparents’ graves to no avail.

A couple of months ago I was in the Peabody area and decided to visit the cemetery one last time and had no idea I would be able to locate their graves in the cemetery.

When I entered the cemetery, I noticed a new attractive pavilion and rock structure. I also saw “Directory” and out of curiosity walked to the area, and saw a book and site map of all graves in the cemetery.

The book had all the information needed to locate the gravesite, and it was very easy to use. In less than five minutes, I found the gravesites I had searched for over the years.

I want those involved to know how much I appreciated the work and effort that went into this unique and beautiful project. I am sure it will be utilized by many for years to come.

The cemetery is very attractive and well kept. The board of directors and all those involved are to be commended.

Shirley Roe
Cushing, Okla

Last modified July 7, 2011