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LETTERS: Checkups urged

Regular medical checkups urged

To The Editor:

I am one very blessed lady. I thought I was pretty healthy … I needed to lose weight, but as always involved in some kind of exercise with pain caused by arthritis and general fatigue. I griped all the way to Wichita about needing to see the cardiologist because of high triglycerides. He ordered an EKG, which was the beginning of the diagnosis of heart disease — and I never once had heart pain.

Once upon a time I smoked, my father died of a heart attack, one brother had open-heart surgery, there is diabetes in my family, and I was overweight. How many people over the age of 50 reading this have this type of history?

Had I not been seen by the cardiologist and undergone the EKGs, stress tests, and catheterization, I would have had a heart attack they call the “widow-maker.” After open-heart surgery and two bypasses, I have a good chance to enjoy life more with lots of exercise and a changed diet.

Please — life is so precious. Take time for physicals and follow your doctor’s orders regarding diet and exercise. Having your chest cut open is not something I recommend.

Phyllis Slocombe

Last modified Aug. 6, 2008