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LETTERS: Changes still needed

To the editor:

We’ve had enough people coming to us these past weeks out of concern that we feel the need to respond. We may have lost the battle, but are optimistic that we did not lose the war. Bad behavior and job deficiencies on the part of the present Marion County Appraiser have been exposed. By doing that, we hope the treatment of citizens now, and in the future, will be improved.

There are 17.5 percent of the parcels inspected every year, so every six years the property is reinspected. Therefore, one-third of Marion County is yet to be appraised under her direction. Hold her accountable. If you should continue to have grievances or concerns with her, feel free to contact the county commissioners, or us and keep us informed.

Representatives from the State of Kansas Department of Taxation and Valuation, along with representatives from the Attorney General’s office in Topeka, admit the laws that allow unconditional limits in an appraiser’s behavior need to be “tweaked.” In other words, adjustments need to be made. If a county appraiser does their job efficiently, taxpayers shouldn’t need to appeal their taxes every year. In contrast to Dan Holub’s remarks, the appraiser’s ratio of job performance speaks for itself.

A positive suggestion for Marion County would be a five-man team of county commissioners, instead of three, along with a county administrator, for impartial governing. If that isn’t an improvement, it certainly couldn’t be any worse than it is now. As of the present time. We have one county commissioner ruling Marion County, and we all know by what means that is accomplished. To heed the representative’s advice, Marion County citizens need to take care of critical matters concerning the county commission when it comes time to go to the polls.

Thanks to the many citizens and taxpayers of Marion County who supported us in this important endeavor. Thanks to the many folks who supported us privately, as well as publicly. Only we know how broad the support has been, and still is. It goes far beyond signing a petition.

We fought the good fight, and we did the best we could with the hand we were dealt.

It is what it is.

Gary Diepenbrock
Jerry Siebert

P.S. Incidentally, neither the appraiser nor any member of her staff was shot at by any citizen, at any time, in Marion County. That statement was a false representation of the truth by the appraiser. We researched that too.

Last modified Dec. 17, 2009