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LETTERS: Call influenza by correct name

Call influenza by correct name

(Editor’s note: Some news professionals continue to call the H1N1 influenza “swine flu,” much to the dismay of livestock producers.)

To the editor:

Here is a message to television news anchor Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News.

It’s not a slip of the tongue, it’s a deliberate slap in the face of all livestock producers everywhere. It’s too bad we cannot wash Mr. Williams’ mouth out with soap and water.

I like his evening report of the world news and keeping us up to date on the new 2009 flu. But why can’t he call it by its right name — H1N1.

I’m proud of all our Marion County and local media, as they get it right — H1N1. But not Mr. Williams. He just keeps on doing it in bad taste.

I hope someone in this news office would get this in the hands of Mr. Williams.

I’m sure all livestock producers, especially swine producers, would appreciate an apology on his evening news.

Please, Mr. Williams, let’s do it correctly — H1N1.

Rex L. Siebert

Last modified Dec. 3, 2009