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Letters: Avenue of Flags, Operation Celebration

Avenue of Flags appreciated

The following letter was sent to the Peabody city office.

To whom it may concern:

I wasn’t sure who I needed to send this letter to, but thought I would send it to the City of Peabody and hopefully you will forward it to the right parties.

This past Memorial Day weekend I took my mother to the Peabody Cemetery to decorate the graves of some family members that are buried there.

We were so impressed by the Avenue of Flags that lined the cemetery roads. It was a wonderful display and truly paid the respect and honor those servicemen deserve.

Thanks to everyone responsible for the flag display. Too often, in today’s busy world, we don’t take the time to pay our respects to those that have given us the freedom we all enjoy and we don’t take the time to thank the people that are willing to do the work to put together a display like you have.

We enjoyed it and I have told a lot of people about it. Thanks for the hard work. It is much appreciated.

P. S. You have an absolutely charming little town. I’ll be back soon to shop around.

Diane Toews

Former resident enjoyed weekend

To the Editor:

I had the honor of celebrating Memorial Day weekend in Peabody with all the special events planned by Peabody Main Street Association.

I want to thank each and all who did the work to make that weekend so special. Peabody can be proud! I’m proud of you and I no longer live in your community.

The events were all well planned, exciting, educational, and entertaining. The ice cream social and band concert were great.

I thank you for being such a wonderful community!

The Avenue of Flags at the cemetery is so special, a wonderful way to honor our vets who have served our country and have been buried there. The program on Memorial Day was inspiring and exciting.

I realize I’ve used the word “special” several times, but that is because the weekend was just that — “special.”

I am so proud of Peabody!

Keep up the good work!

God’s blessings.

Maxine (Beeton) Gilmer

PHS class of 1955

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