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LETTERS: Appraiser issues

To the editor:

After reading so much about problems with the county appraiser’s office, we felt compelled to add a comment.

We had several properties we felt were appraised too high for the value of the properties. A worker from the office looked over the buildings, outside only. The worker was told of the problems, which we felt should have indicated the difference between appraised price and the true value. Measurements were taken, with no regard for problems of properties. We were shown pictures of the outsides of buildings approximately the same size. After much discussion, the appraised prices were reduced the $2,000. This was not agreeable to us but we were told, “That’s it.”

In addition, after reading that appraiser employees had been shot at, it seems that there would have been a police investigation, and the report would have been in this newspaper.

Is this more lies from the appraiser’s office?

Carl and Juanita Stovall

Last modified Sept. 10, 2009