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LETTERS: An open letter to USD 408 patrons

Far too often, this time of year is divisive and difficult for our school employees. Each year the projected budget gets smaller and the board of education has to make some very difficult decisions.

These budgetary plans are now in place and it’s time to heal. The dedicated employees in our district — in all positions — are some of the best you can find. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are doing amazing things with our children. We are so blessed to have these quality educators in our communities and we need to say “thank you.”

I urge you to visit with these professionals and tell them how they are making a difference with all of our children, and let them know your appreciation.

The blessings of our communities are all around us each and every day. The past few months have not been without our share of challenges but it is both my hope and prayer that we all begin to see the positive, celebrate our successes, and come together as a district.

Our future looks bright. God bless and thank you.

Chris Sprowls
USD 408 Board President

Last modified April 21, 2011