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LETTER: Use it or lose it applies to hospitals, too

“Use it or lose it” is something I hear as I get older, referring to muscle tone and brain power. This last week I had hernia surgery at St. Luke Hospital. What a great facility we have. Even greater was the staff. I could not give one suggestion as to how they could have been more professional and caring.

Before the surgery, I told some acquaintances I was going to be having surgery. They wanted to know where I was going to have this procedure done. Two thought I would go to Newton and one thought I would go to McPherson. Why would they think that? Our hospital and staff are the envy of most towns our size. The radiology department is exceptional, the physical therapy department can’t be beat, and the list of outstanding departments goes on and on.

There are some procedures that cannot be done locally, but those things which can be, should be done here. The one thing that we can do to strengthen our hospital and community is to use the facility.

I lived in Augusta, population 8,000, when they lost their hospital. Part of the problem was that El Dorado had a nicer hospital, and the doctors were better in Wichita, or so they thought, and the people went elsewhere. You should have heard the outcry when their hospital closed. I wonder if the same logic applies to hospitals, “Use it or lose it.”

Vern Bowers
405 S. Thorp St.

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