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to the editor

Transgender issue

To the editor:

Seeing the headline about Tabor College and the transgender issue, I had to respond.

How is this even an issue? Are we not intelligent and knowledgeable as human beings as it relates to who we are as male and female, and that not by our own choosing? And so, was it not given to us to give ourselves morally and physically to have pleasure and fulfillment in that which we are made, and so fulfill the purpose of passing that on from generation to generation?

Dare we ask ourselves, why then is this happening? Could it be that we have found more pleasure in self-indulgence, self-fulfillment, self-image, and self-love, and this perversion is exposing us? Think about this, they wouldn’t exist without the male-female relationship. They can’t produce except through us.

I believe our moral right as human beings is to fulfill who we are, not to change it. To be otherwise is to undermine our human dignity and being.

Jerry Plett

Last modified Dec. 17, 2015