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Stream bank stabilization money available

To the editor:

It seems to me that Marion County’s two lakes are its most valuable economic assets. If the algae growth continues every summer, visitors will stop coming. This will continue to affect businesses in the county.

Therefore, the lakes’ drainage basins should be helped by the community to stabilize these areas.

Low/zero interest loans could be provided for the 10 percent of a stream bank stabilization project not paid by the USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Kansas Forest Service.

This seems like the perfect project for the county’s economic councils to pursue.

For crop fields and feedlots, this should include a rain garden — a runoff catch basin planted with native water tolerant plants — to clean the water of its excessive nutrients on the way to the stream and lakes.

Can the Marion County community save itself? These federal and state agencies are trying to give a helping hand. Will you take advantage of it?

Rodney Schmidt

Glen Allen, VA

MHS and KSU graduate

Robert & Bonnie Schmidt

Marion, MHS graduates

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