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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader wonders how the game was played in 1908

To the Editor:

Sometimes an article in the paper will raise a question in my mind. The “100 Years Ago” section from last week did just that.

Originally published Nov. 12, 1908, it simply said, “Football —Whitewater High School vs. Peabody at 5 tomorrow.”

The first thought that came into my mind was on Nov. 13, it’s going to be dark by 6 p.m. and I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a lighted field in 1908. As far as I know, our field was first illuminated in 1946.

Then several other questions came to mind. How different were the rules in 1908? A high school game today lasts two and one-half to three hours. How long did a game last then?

Where were the games played? Our baseball/football stadium was a WPA project from the late 1930s, but the games still could have been played at the park. Were we the Warriors and did we wear blue uniforms?

This sounds like a good research project for one of our high school students or one of our local historians because I’m pretty sure none of our local residents remembers the game.

Or maybe it was a misprint in either 1908 or 2008 and the game was really at 2.

Shreves Avery

Last modified Dec. 3, 2008