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Hooray for more government

To the editor:

So, now we will have five commissioners. Why not seven? Sure, we pay more. So what? Look what we’re getting! More government! That’s got to be a good thing, right?

Who needs who? Does business need government or government need business? When we go to the gas station, we always expect fuel. When we go to the grocery store, we expect the shelves to be full. We enjoy fine eating places. Businesses provide all these things. Do they exist because of government?

And who is providing for all of that? Farmers and ranchers who deal with weather, bad roads, markets. That’s where it all rests, and how is our government securing that? Is it a right for government to take away a man’s right to his labor and reward or is government’s proper role to protect that?

One thing is for sure. Whatever we expect is always at our expense. Government can’t give or do anything without taking it away from us. It takes away our right of personal responsibility and self-government. When that’s gone, what’s left?

Jerry Plett, Lincolnville

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