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Gender and politics

To the editor:

Let’s set the record straight as everyone is watching ads for Barbara Bollier.

She states that she changed parties because people would not reach across the table to work together.

In 2018, Barbara Bollier stated one of the main reasons she left the Republican Party, as reported in the Kansas City Star and NBC.

Bollier, an anesthesiologist who has not practiced for 25 years, explained: “When the party adopted an anti-transgender piece to their platform, that really, as a physician, set me over the edge, because we have more than XX and XY, and gender is a very complicated and important thing.”

Feel free to google this if you want to know more.

Earlier that year, the Kansas Republican Party modified its platform to include the following language: “We believe God created two genders, male and female. Therefore, as defined by the Kansas Constitution, the benefits and privileges of marriage exist only between one man and one woman.” 

”It’s absurd,” Bollier added.

So just got to ask, does she mean the Bible has it wrong and she has it right? Please be informed as you make your vote.

We really don’t know why some Republicans have decided to vote for her but we do know what the Bible says!

Linda Peters, Hillsboro

Last modified Oct. 15, 2020