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An apology

To the editor:

This is my public apology to Marion County commissioners.

When I was on the hospital board, I had bad feelings about county commissioners.

I always felt they were against the hospital and were trying their best to do everything to hurt us by not wanting to do transfers.

The reason I want to apologize is that I probably said some things that might have been bad about the commissioners.

I really want to apologize to the commissioners and to former EMS director Travis Parmley for what St. Luke Hospital’s CEO put you through.

I thought Travis was a great person to run EMS, and I am proud that he stood up to the CEO. I also am proud of the commissioners for wanting to have Travis’s back.

I now understand why they thought that way. I am sorry that Travis decided to resign, but I know he had good reasons.

All I ever heard was the commissioners and Travis were bad and wouldn’t return emails or meet with St. Luke officials.

Then I heard of a meeting held back in June 2022. I think commissioner David Mueller called the meeting.

Mueller started off the meeting, and he had three topics that he would like the group to discuss. No. 1 was communication.

Those present were the CEO, some hospital personnel, commissioner Mueller, commissioner Randy Dallke, and Travis.

After hearing how the CEO handled the meeting, I was ashamed that someone who was CEO of the hospital would act like that.

When Travis started to tell his side, he was cut off and never had a chance to speak. I think people finally just got up and walked out.

The CEO never told the hospital board, “Hey guys, I screwed up. I had this meeting with Travis, and it did not go well.”

At the time, commissioners said they would not meet with the hospital again unless someone else was in charge.

I can see that this ordeal has made me a stronger person. My faith in God is stronger also.

We all should learn that we should not jump to conclusions or judge other people until you hear their side of the story — even if you hear or see it in Marion County Record — until you have been in their situation or walked in their shoes.

Gene Winkler, Marion

Last modified April 5, 2023