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Letter to Santa Claus

Hello again, Santa,

It is always nice to be able to communicate with you this time of year. I know you are pretty busy trying to fill all the wishes of the youngsters in Peabody and the surrounding world, but if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to add some requests of my own.

I will try to keep this short. (Yes, that was a joke.) I know you have many stockings to fill and I try not to be pushy about my wants.

First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Christmas we had in 2007. You do a stellar job of making wishes come true and that holiday was no exception.

As in past years Santa, I have “world peace” on my list again. If you can fit this into your bag of miracles most people I know would be ever so grateful.

Next, I would like for the Geezer Group at the Food Mart to adopt a troubled youngster. No, that is not right. I have heard too many stories about their youthful experiences and I doubt they could set a good example if they tried. But it would be great if you could sprinkle some pixie dust around their executive conference table to make them suddenly behave in a responsible manner. They need to be entering floats in parades like any normal club, attending city council meetings to share their solutions to our many problems, and hosting get-acquainted teas for prospective members. They really need your help, Santa.

Then I think it would be grand if you could grant all the wishes of our local donors and volunteers. We are blessed to have many people in each category. They deserve to get a little something in return although I am sure that thought rarely occurs to any of them as they help fulfill the dreams of others. Santa, I hope you can work a little magic for them.

After that, if you could pour lumps of coal on the likely blue-green algae blooms at Marion Reservoir the whole county would be thankful. Perhaps with your help that body of water could survive long enough to find a solution to the algae problem before we run out of drinking water.

In addition Santa, if you can manage it I think Mayor Slocombe and each of the Peabody City Council members would like to have a block of new sewer. I know that is going to mean an extra load for Rudolph and the other reindeer, but think how happy Hizzoner and the council would be! Storage might be a problem and it isn’t likely there is room under anyone’s tree, but I know you’ll think of something.

And last of all, when you read your copy of the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin I would like to be sure that you read all the letters from the students in our grade school. Please do what you can to make sure each of them has a wonderful holiday. I think some of them plan to leave you and the reindeer treats. I bet you will enjoy those, won’t you?

Have a Merry Christmas, Santa!

— Susan Marshall

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