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Lets appreciate what students give to us

Christmas events and student programs end during the next week. I hope you have stayed on top of the schedule and have made an effort to be involved in our students’ holiday experiences.

Every year our school, church, and community youth groups spend hours practicing their parts to bring you something special for the holiday season. They are proud of the time and effort they put in. If you have children or grandchildren participating in a play or a vocal or instrumental music program, be there to see them perform. If they contact you to help provide food or personal items for families in need, share with them.

We should know what our youngsters are contributing and express our appreciation. I think young people desperately want the adults in their lives to attend their performances and support their efforts in community giving. They want all of us to be proud of what they do.

If our students are performing, they want to provide you with a wonderful event. They have worked hard to learn all they need to know to produce an enjoyable evening for you. Please go. Please applaud their efforts. If you later see them on the street or in a local business, tell them how much you enjoyed their performance.

If they are providing a community service for less fortunate people in our communities and you know they are part of a group that is doing so, commend them. The reinforcement they receive at this stage of their lives may make them community supporters in the future, wherever they live their lives as adults.

We may never know the effects of our approval and appreciation. However, it almost is a given that if we are not engaged in what they do, no one else will ever know either. Share and enjoy their holiday.

—Susan marshall

Last modified Dec. 17, 2015