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Lesson to be learned

After giving several inches of space to those folks who dwell on the deaths of celebrities more than others do, I believe it is only fitting to pay tribute to someone who is far more deserving of the space than the Gloved One.

Walter Cronkite was a newsman’s newsman. I didn’t exactly grow up with him because we didn’t get a television in my family home until the mid- to late 1960s. But I do remember watching and listening to him whenever possible.

He showed the human side of news reporting — celebrating with the first astronauts walking on the moon and fighting back tears when announcing the death of President Kennedy.

While watching a special Sunday evening about Mr. Cronkite’s career, it reminded me how important it is to maintain the humanness of news coverage.

We have a responsibility to report the good, the bad, and the ugly. And there is a human side to all.

We hope to continue our diligence of reporting fair and concise information but with a human touch.

— susan berg

Last modified July 23, 2009