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Legacy Park sells, changes name

Legacy Park of Peabody was sold May 1 to Deseret Health Group of Centerville, Utah. The announcement was made Monday.

“I don’t perceive any big changes,” regional vice president Clayton South said.

The 55-bed skilled and 19-bed residential care facility will now operate as Peabody Care Center.

Wanting to maintain the quality of care as provided in the past, South said positions and employees will remain the same.

“We’ll lean on the employees for their expertise,” he said. “Hopefully, people will want to stay with us and share in the success.”

Deseret Health Group owns 16 facilities in Kansas — mostly skilled nursing.

“We haven’t had as much experience in residential care as in skilled nursing,” South said, “but employees and local leadership have been doing this for a long time and we will continue that success.”

Facilities in McPherson, Hutchinson, and two in Wichita are among the area facilities owned by the organization.

South explained there are four pillars to the organization — resident care, providing a safe and stable environment for employees, being an asset to the community, and remaining financial stable.

“We need all four pillars to remain strong and successful,” he said.

Immediate plans include the completion of some landscaping. Other changes will be based on requests of employees and residents. South complimented previous owners and management for keeping the building well maintained.

Peabody Care Center and its owners will remain a vital part of the Peabody community, South said.

“We plan to become involved in community events and fundraisers,” he said.

Last modified May 11, 2011