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Lawyer, banker, councilman to be missed in all his roles

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Longtime Marion city councilman, bank president, and lawyer Chris Costello, 67, who died Thursday, will be missed by those who knew him.

Costello served on Marion’s city council from April 11, 2016, to Feb. 21, 2023, when he withdrew for health reasons.

Council member Ruth Herbel misses him on the council.

“I enjoyed working with Chris,” she said. “He was very knowledgeable.”

Marion mayor David Mayfield said Costello was an excellent council member.

“He was very knowledgeable about budget and other business matters,” Mayfield said. “It was near and dear to his heart; it really was. He was very dedicated to the City of Marion — not just as far as the council, but he did a lot for the city.”

Mayfield said he liked golfing with Costello and enjoyed interacting with him.

“We were good friends and we spent some time together,” Mayfield said.

Longtime city employee Margo Yates said Costello was “my boss, my coworker, and my friend.”

“I very much respected and loved him,” she said. “Chris enjoyed life and was tons of fun to be around. He also was serious and mindful when necessary. I learned a lot from Chris, and I will never forget him. Marion has been blessed to have Chris and his family as part of our community. I am so very glad I knew him.”

Marion lawyer Bob Brookens also thought highly of Costello.

Costello came to Marion four years after Brookens came in 1978. Costello worked both in the family business, Tampa State Bank, and as a lawyer along with his father, Ed Costello. He was president and chief executive officer of the bank for 15 years.

“I worked against and with Chris Costello,” Brookens said. “He was a great person to be on the same side and on the other side.”

Costello often worked as a guardian ad litem, a neutral lawyer appointed to investigate the best interests of a child.

“He didn’t just take my paperwork; he would look into it,” Brookens said.

Even when Brookens was on the other side of a case, he knew Costello would be “a worthy opponent,” Brookens said.

Costello was active in the county bar association, serving as treasurer and assisting with organizing the association’s annual golf tournament.

“He was well regarded as an attorney and a banker,” Brookens said. “It was easy to say, ‘Chris is one of the people on my list I think you should consider.’”

Roger Schroeder, vice president of Marion National Bank, said Costello was someone he often crossed paths with during the 14 years Schroeder has been in Marion.

“Chris spent time on the St. Luke Hospital board,” said Schroeder, former spokesman for the hospital. “He was a man I considered a friend and a mentor.”

Schroeder said Costello always was able to talk to people and treated Schroeder and his family well.

Schroeder also played golf with Costello.

Costello was a supporter of high school and youth sports and often attended youth baseball games.

“He’s going to be greatly missed,” Schroeder said. “My family’s thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”

Besides golf, Costello enjoyed camping, snow skiing, rollerblading, bike riding, boating, wind surfing, water skiing, flying drones, and playing bridge.

A Wichita State University graduate, he rarely missed a Shockers game. He received his law degree from Washburn.

A celebration of life for friends and family will be 6 p.m. Friday at Marion Country Club.

Burial will be private.

Last modified July 20, 2023