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Lake resident wants to stop speeders

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A county lake resident tired of seeing people speed down Upland Rd. to a stop sign at Lakeshore Dr. brought his concerns to county commissioners Monday.

Terry Ens, 48 Lakeshore Dr., said when he moved to the lake 3½ years ago, the area was described as quiet.

He’s learned since then that people use the area as a personal drag strip.

His property is left of the stop sign at Upland Rd. and Lakeshore Dr.

He expressed concern about safety and lack of regard for speed limits.

He said he realized the sheriff’s department had plenty to do besides enforce speed laws on that section of road.

“What I’m asking today is that the county take alternative actions,” Ens said. “I believe we should all do the right thing because it’s the right thing.”

Ens discussed installing speed bumps, putting dips in the road, and adding rumble strips.

“I’d just like to really start trying things,” Ens said. “I’m coming for help.”

Commissioner Kent Becker said the speed limit in the area had been lowered two years ago from 45 mph to 35 mph.

Commission chairman David Mueller noted that rumble strips would create additional noise.

“Just be aware; there’s a trade,” he said.

County engineer Brice Goebel was pessimistic.

“The problem is, there’s nothing I can do to slow people down if they don’t want to slow down,” Goebel said.

Even speed bumps aren’t bad to drive over at high speeds, he said.

Three county department heads received raises Monday.

  • Planning and zoning director Sharon Omstead was raised from $55.140 a year to $70,692 a year.
  • Park and lake director Isaac Hett was raised from $47,064 a year to $51,024 a year.
  • Sheriff Jeff Soyez’s salary was raised from $ 67,656 a year to $70,380 a year when commissioners voted to approve a resolution increasing his pay.

Raises will take effect in April

Becker voted against giving raises to Omstead and Soyez a week ago, and Dallke voted against giving a raise for Omstead, but all commissioners signed off on raises Monday.

Becker asked for justification for Soyez’s raise last week. Commissioner Jonah Gehring stated that the sheriff had received only a $2 an hour increase when employees of the department had received $3 an hour, and there has been increased transparency in the office and apparent good results.

In other business, commissioners heard Goebel’s plans for renovation of a building at 1240 Commercial St. in Marion. Commissioners plan to convert it into offices for road and bridge, emergency management, and planning and zoning departments.

His estimated cost of the renovation was $325,968 if all work was contracted out or $270,368 if the county built its own parking lot and moved furniture from the old offices to the new building.

Last modified March 23, 2023