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Lady Warriors defeat White City

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The Peabody-Burns High School Lady Warriors earned their first win of the season with a victory over White City on Saturday in the third round of the Centre Invitational Tournament. PBHS defeated the Huskies, 45-25.

The team ended up in the seventh-place game of the tournament with a first-round loss to Wakefield, 42-28, on Jan. 18 and a second-round loss to Elyria, 40-29, on Friday. The team placed seventh overall in the eight-team tournament. The team will play Friday at White City to make up a game postponed from Jan. 11.


Wakefield earned the first 4 points in the contest. A basket by Michaela Methvin got the Lady Warriors on the scoreboard. The bombers scored again but Methvin added another 2. Wakefield then scored 9 unanswered points and PBHS trailed, 15-4, at the end of the first quarter.

Wakefield continued to build on their lead with the first 6 points in the second quarter. Methvin scored a 2 but that was all for the PBHS squad in the quarter. The Lady Warriors were behind, 22-6, at the half.

PBHS offense improved the in second half with the addition of 22 points, but Wakefield kept the game out of reach, scoring 20. Methvin and McKenzie Ensminger scored 8 each in the final half. Tori Schroeder had 4 and Sarah Hofkamp added a basket. PBHS lost, 42-28, to Wakefield in the first round.


Methvin, 15; Ensminger, 8; Schroeder, 4; Hofkamp, 2.


Elyria opened the game with a trey followed by two 2-point baskets. Hofkamp earned a 2, Schroeder had a 2, and Ensminger cut the Elyria lead to 1, 7-6, with 1:44 on the clock in the first quarter. Elyria added a trey at the buzzer, and PBHS trailed, 10-6, at the end of the first quarter.

Ensminger scored first in the second period to cut the Elyria lead to 10-8. Hofkamp tied the game up at 10, but Elyria scored 6 points to lead by 6, 16-10. With 2:45 left in the half, Methvin shot a 2 but Elyria answered with a 2. After a PBHS timeout, Methvin earned a 2 and Rayna Barnes added a 2. PBHS trailed by 2, 18-16, with 1:33 on the clock. Elyria scored the final 3 points in the half. The Lady Warriors were down 5 at the half, 21-16.

Elyria scored the first basket in the third quarter, but Brandee Burnett added 2 for PBHS. A trey by Elyria came next, but Schroeder added a free throw and Hofkamp added a basket. Elyria added 5 points to end third quarter. The gap was 10, 31-21, at the end of three.

Barnes had an early free throw in the fourth and Schroeder had a basket and 1 from the free-throw line. Elyria added 2 and PBHS trailed, 33-25. Elyria then had the next 8 from the line. Hofkamp added 2 from the line. Burnett scored a trey at the buzzer, but PBHS suffered a second-round loss to Elyria, 40-29.


Hofkamp, 8; Schroeder, 6; Methvin, 4; Ensminger, 4; Burnett, 4; Barnes, 3.

White City

Schroeder opened the contest with a 2-point basket. White City scored a 2, but Burnett responded with a 2. The Huskies scored again but Burnett added another 2 and Ensminger added two free throws. Methvin added a free throw, Barnes a basket from underneath, and Ensminger ended the quarter with a steal and a score. PBHS led, 13-4, at the end of the first period.

Schroeder had a short jump shot for the first score in the second quarter. Barnes scored a 2 and Burnett also added a 2. White City added 1 from the line, but PBHS lead, 19-5, with 4:00 in the first half. Jessica Noble had one free throw and Schroeder added a basket. White City added 1 from the line but Methvin and Hofkamp combined for the next 7 points. The Huskies ended the period with a free throw. PBHS had a 29-7 lead at the half.

Hofkamp had the first point in the third with 1 from the free-throw line. The Huskies then scored 6 points. Schroeder wrapped up the period with a 2. PBHS led, 32-13, at the end of the quarter.

White City scored a basket to open the final quarter. Barnes had a PBHS free throw but the Huskies then scored 6 points before Schroeder broke the streak with a 2. Hofkamp added 1 from the line and Methvin had two baskets and a free throw. White City ended their scoring with four free throws. Ensminger had the final 4 points of the contest. PBHS earned their first win of the season, 45-25.


Methvin, 14; Schroeder, 10; Burnett, 6; Ensminger, 6; Hofkamp, 3; Barnes, 5; Noble, 1.

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