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Kitchen renovation renews love of cooking

Staff writer

In October 2009, Albert and Kay Steele’s kitchen at 423 N. Roosevelt St., Marion, had its original cabinets and what they called ugly brown and yellow floor tile.

They decided to renovate their kitchen, replacing the cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

“I tore off the old wallpaper,” Kay said. “Behind it, the walls were a mess — cracks and holes.

“When I got to the bottom, it was yellow, bright yellow,” she said. “Agh, get rid of it,” she remembered thinking.

One of their sons, Rod Steele, installed new tile after doing as much as he could to level the floor. Kay recalled that when they moved into the house, she set a marble on the kitchen floor and it rolled all the way across the room in about two seconds.

Another son, Kevin Steele, repaired the walls in the kitchen with help from Bryan Grosse.

They planned to have the kitchen done in time for Thanksgiving, but they were slowed down by difficulty getting an unusually shaped counter for an opening between the kitchen and dining room.

“I just couldn’t cook Thanksgiving dinner,” she said. “When your stove’s sitting in the dining room, you just can’t cook.”

Their kitchen was inaccessible for about two weeks, but they made due with sandwiches, a microwave, and an electric skillet.

Having a nice kitchen to work in has re-ignited Kay’s passion for cooking.

“I love it,” she said. “I’m in it all the time. I don’t mind cooking anymore.”

Since the renovations were completed shortly before Christmas, she has made a point of having family and friends over for dinners frequently.

Last modified April 22, 2010