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Keeping rainwater draining; Project hopes to do just that

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Cottonwood Valley Drainage District has contracted with Pasture Clearing Solutions, owned and operated by Brad Klenda of Lincolnville, to clear brush and undesirable trees from the dry bed of a former Cottonwood River channel in southwest Marion and to remove piles of debris that has collected and prevented good drainage.

Keeping drainage flowing is the job of the district, which was organized in 1929, after the Cottonwood River was rerouted in an attempt to prevent flooding in Marion.

Previously, the river ran like a snake through the city. Resulting dry creek beds continue to provide drainage after rains. At times of flooding rain, water pools in the creek bed until water in the Cottonwood has receded enough to make it safe to handle more.

Present board members are president Rocky Hett, Darvin Markley, and Alan Hett.

According to Markley, the district receives from $14,000 to $16,000 a year in tax revenue from property owners along the creek bed.

The district is responsible for the entire abandoned river channel from north of Marion to three or four miles south of Marion.

According to Rocky Hett, riverbed cave-ins are the biggest issue the district handles. Dirt is excavated and banks reinforced with rock.

“It takes a lot of rock,” Hett said.

Marion Reservoir has slowed current in the river, he said, but damage still is done when water is released during flooding rains.

Because of silting soil, the channel will be dredged after cleanup to prevent ponding and help rainwater drain as it should.

Last modified Nov. 11, 2021