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July 4th odds and ends

I just may be three or four hints closer to knowing who put the match to that great big pile of leftover fireworks on the Rock Island tracks behind Jesse Seibel’s house back in the mid-1980s! This has been an interesting, although brief, search for information and I have gotten some leads that might get me to the answer. The key points here are the students who worked in the Peabody High School band’s fireworks stand in the late 1970s to mid-1980s — the ones who knew there were leftover fireworks and where they were stored.

And just to be fair, I should emphasize the fact that I am mostly interested in this information for myself. I am pretty sure the statute of limitations has probably run out on the “theft of fireworks from a two-seater outhouse 25 to 35 years ago.” I have it on good authority that Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke has more important fish to fry.

However, I still want to know the answer — keep those cards and letters coming.


The Fourth Fest Committee has just announced that from 5 to 7 p.m. on July 3, there will be a free bike decorating workshop for any child in the community who wants to put a decorated bicycle in the July Fourth Parade. Red, white, and blue decorations, flags, and streamers will be available at no charge to any child wanting to participate. Adults will be on hand to supervise the activity. The workshop will take place in the back room at A Little Off the Top, 105 N. Walnut St.

What a great way to include Peabody youngsters in the parade!

And don’t forget the best float entry will win $200 in Peabody Bucks. Could your club, church, or organization use a $200 boost? Give it your best shot. It doesn’t have to be profound or complicated. Just state your reason for being, tell everyone to have a great July Fourth, and wrap it all up in red, white, and blue! What could be easier?


Also, since this is where I get to say what I think, I want to urge you all to do one more thing in connection with the Independence Day Celebration — thank the volunteers. I would wager a guess that there are one hundred or so people who have made some sort of contribution to pulling this off this event for the 91st time. Many of them serve quietly behind the scenes and some have done so for decades.

We could not have this celebration without every one of them. So, no matter what the job, if your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member made a contribution, please acknowledge it. By thanking them, you encourage them to be involved again and the celebration needs them all.


And now I am out of here. Happy 91st Annual July Fourth Celebration, Peabody!


Last modified July 3, 2012