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JK Review: A small-town Kansas party

Staff writers

“This is small-town Kansas — and it’s a good thing.”

That is what we thought as we strolled through Central Park on Friday evening during Marion’s back-to-school bash.

Classic country and rock from Ubah City Limits filled our ears as Crumbles the Chihuahua received more attention than she’s likely received in her entire four months of life — from children and parents alike. The little furball of joy left utterly exhausted from playing with not just people, but also other four-legged friends enjoying a night in the park.

Little glimpses of winter snow to come, or better yet Jason’s much-needed morning shave, covered the lush, green grass, allowing Crumbles her first (and probably last) taste of shaving cream — remnants of shaving cream Twister, one of many games providing end-of-summer entertainment.

The aroma of freshly grilled burgers, which were sold to raise money for the park stage roof project, and families in lawn chairs reminded us of our own family gatherings each summer, for Kaitlyn at the beach in California and for Jason at weekly Iola Municipal Band concerts.

The limestone stage where the band performed and which families faced was a much-needed reminder of our alma mater, as a day never went by where we didn’t take pride in Kansas State University and the limestone campus.

And perhaps most important were the smiling faces of people eager to meet the town’s new residents and the faces starting to become familiar as we begin to make Marion our new home.

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Last modified Aug. 17, 2017