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Intruder jailed again pending competency

Staff writer

Hours after her release from jail pending a judge’s decision on whether to grant her a competency hearing, Marion resident Rexana Siebert was back in trouble with the law and back in jail.

Siebert, who bonded out of jail Saturday afternoon after she was charged with offenses stemming from allegedly erratic behavior May 14, was booked back in the following morning.

The first incident came 6½ hours after she bonded out of jail when her mother, Susan Gray, called police to the 300 block of N. Lincoln St. because Siebert reportedly was on Gray’s front porch and refused to leave.

By the time officers arrived, she had left. Then, at 5:28 a.m. Sunday, officer Duane McCarty was called to St. Luke Hospital because, according to monitored transmissions, Siebert had “just walked in and was very agitated and unruly.”

McCarty asked for backup from a deputy sheriff and took Siebert into custody. At 5:45 a.m., with yelling clearly going on in the background, he radioed that Siebert had spit on his back.

As he entered the jail with her, he radioed a warning: “She’s in a spittin’ mood now, just FYI.”

Siebert then spit in the face of a jailer, police chief Clinton Jeffrey said.

At 9:32 a.m., she officially was booked into jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct, interference with a law enforcement officer by resisting a misdemeanor arrest, and battery of a law enforcement officer, specifically a corrections officer. She remained in jail Tuesday in lieu of $10,000 surety bond.

Siebert’s lawyer last week filed a motion asking a judge to rule whether she was competent to stand trial. At the time of writing, six active cases were pending against her.

Police sent a report about the weekend incidents to the county attorney Tuesday morning. The report is being reviewed.

Siebert was charged with burglary and criminal trespass after she allegedly entered a friend’s home May 14 without permission and took a bath.

She reportedly had behaved erratically that day, talking to herself, throwing things off her friend’s porch, and coming outside inappropriately attired.

A short time later, she allegedly entered Holy Family Catholic Church, where she reportedly had caused a disturbance the day before and had been told not to return.

She was charged with domestic battery after a December 2019 incident; disorderly conduct in September 2020; battery and disorderly conduct in September 2020; and criminal trespass in June 2020 when she allegedly refused to leave the visitation area of the county jail after being told not to enter.

A mediation conference is scheduled for next week. At that time a judge could rule whether Siebert needs to be examined to determine if she is competent.

To evaluate competency, a court could commit her to Larned State Hospital for psychiatric evaluation or assign a mental health center, or to two licensed physicians or psychologists to examine her while she is in jail or on bond.

The examiners would make a report to the court regarding her competency.

Last modified June 2, 2021