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Butt of the problem:

Indian Guide Terrace’s stolen outpost

Staff writer

Jonathan Richstatter was baffled after being smoked by thieves.

The maintenance employee for Indian Guide Terrace arrived Thursday morning to find one of the smoker outposts for the apartments had been stolen.

The incident has happened before, but previously suspects only stole the 8-inch bucket where old butts were thrown out, Richstatter said.

“I thought I’d move it closer to the building, because maybe that would keep them from stealing my buckets,” he said. “I put some screws in it because I couldn’t find the bolts to go with it.”

I think when they found out they couldn’t get the screws off, they just took it.”

While no one stole the entire outpost in previous incidents, Richstatter had to buy new buckets on three occasions because they were stolen.

“I made the mistake of putting screws in he couldn’t take out, so he had to take the whole thing,” he said. “Had I just left the top on, they probably would have kept rooting through and getting the ones they wanted.”

According to him, the buckets were stolen so any half-smoked, usable cigarettes could be sorted from the butts.

No suspects have been named by police.

Last modified July 25, 2019