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Hymnals presented to Westview Manor

Baptist Church Pastor the Rev. Roger Charles, representing the congregations of all Peabody churches, presented 40 new hymnals April 6 to Westview Manor clients.

About 35 residents and staff members gathered in the Westview dining room to hear the presentation and sang hymns from the new books.

The hymnals previously used for worship by Westview clients were published in 1966. They had missing spines, battered covers, and the pages were tattered and fragile after decades of use.

More importantly, the facility had only 12 copies remaining.

“Many times when I came to offer the Sunday service, members of our church congregation would worship here also,” Charles said. “The 12 hymnals were stretched pretty thin.”

Peabody churches responded to the need. They divided the cost of the 40 new hymnals and each church raised funds in whatever manner they saw fit.

After the presentation, the hymnals were distributed. Vada Ann McPheeters accompanied clients and staff members who selected favorite songs from the books.

Refreshments were served to those taking part in the presentation and sing-along.

Last modified April 14, 2011