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Husband: Cutting hours does little to help budget

Letter to the editor:

I want to praise my wife, Lanell Hett, for what she has endured the past three years with the County Commissioners back and forth decisions with her position at the Marion County Department on Aging Office.

Wow, now Dec. 21, after almost 30 years of service to the department, they cut her position to part-time, taking away all her benefits. All for the sake of two of the County Commissioners saying “I won” in their minds.

I guess these “political whims” did not pass as one of the Commissioners had stated they would. To say this is purely a budget issue related to the cost of a full-time employee for the county is very questionable. How can “one” county employee’s full-time status, reduced to part-time, help the county budget so much?

What a shame that there will be no one in the Department on Aging Office to assist senior citizens in the afternoons when the County Coordinator is at meetings or other senior centers in the county. We are all aging every day, maybe the commissioners think they are not and won’t need aging services.

I know Lanell’s dedication and love for seniors. May only better things come her way.

Aaron Hett

Last modified Dec. 7, 2011