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How to watch KU win

I came home Monday night from the Peabody City Council meeting just in time to see the University of Kansas Jayhawks begin to slide right out of a 21-point lead over Oklahoma. Boy, I hate it when that happens. I want to watch, but I just don’t dare. It is like watching the shower scene in the movie “Psycho” — you’ve got to use squinty eyes and spread-apart fingers.

I had just moved to the computer trying to think of something to say to fill this column when the tone of the announcers began to take on that “oops, we may have an upset” tone. They began talking about other teams ready to step into KU’s spot if the Hawks messed up this meeting. Arrrgghhh.

I kept sneaking a peek at the television. Turnovers, the coach sputtering on the sidelines, and then some guy in a burgundy uniform at the line — nailed them both. Uh-oh. The point spread was down to WHAT??

Since the computer screen was blank and my attempt at writing an opinion was not even at the idea stage, I just went to the kitchen and ignored the problems on the television. I read some junk mail, then reviewed my notes from the city council meeting to make sure I got it all. As I read the ad inserts from the Sunday Wichita Eagle, The Mister growled from the living room. I looked at the clock to see if it was too late to call someone and divert my attention a smidge longer. Yes, it was too late. I put a load of laundry in to soak.

And then, finally, that mournful sing-song chant floated into my consciousness. “Rock chalk, Jayhawk…Kaaayyy Uuuuu.” Whew, Phog Allen lives. The boys did it again. Every year as we wind up for March Madness, I can’t stand to watch, but I can’t stand to NOT watch either.

Squinty eyes and spread-apart fingers. That is my plan again and I’m stickin’ to it.

— Susan Marshall

Last modified Feb. 24, 2010