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How to estimate corn yields

Growers can get an estimate of their corn yield by sampling small sections of a field.

For corn planted in 30-inch rows, select a 17.5-foot length of one row. Husk five random ears and count the total kernels. Divide by 5 to determine the average number of kernels per ear.

Then count all the ears in that 17.5-foot section and multiply them by the average kernels per ear. If the kernels are normal size, divide the total by 90,000 (the number of kernels in a bushel of corn). If the kernels are small or shriveled, divide by 100,000. The result will be the estimated yield in bushels per acre in that section of the field.

By getting an estimated yield from the best and poorest parts of a field, a farmer can get a picture of what the average yield for that field might be.

Last modified Aug. 14, 2014