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How do you use your tax refund?

Much as we like to complain about it, for most people, filing tax returns is no big deal.

Getting a refund, on the other hand, is something many people look forward to.

For Jade Sterk, 20, of Goessel, this year’s tax refund will help her pay off court costs from her conviction last fall on vandalism charges.

Though young, she’s filed returns for several years.

“My dad files it for me,” she said.

Krystal Paper of Hillsboro files with her husband. They use refunds to pay off bills.

Doug Regnier of Marion hasn’t finished his return yet, but if he and his wife get a refund, it will be spent on home improvement.

Robert Nelson of Hillsboro used the refund he and his wife got from filing their return early to pay for a spring break reunion with their three sons in Memphis. Leftover money will buy tickets for a Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals series in August.

Adam Scheele of Hillsboro used the refund he and his wife received to buy things for their children and pay bills.

Joey and Kristie McFall of Marion plan to put their refund into a savings account.

Ruth Winter of Hillsboro has put part of her refund into savings and will spend the rest on her daughter’s wedding this year.

Chelsea Darrow of Marion said she and her husband use their refund to pay bills every year.

“It’s a good way to catch up, especially after the holidays,” she said. “It feels good to get bills paid.”

If they have money left over, they do something special with their children.

Diadra Turner of Lincolnville, a nursing student who plans to graduate in May, will put her refund will go into a savings account.

For farm wives, the picture isn’t quite so simple.

While Peabody residents Jody and David Rempel both have full time jobs, David is also a farmer. This makes it more difficult for them to have any idea what they will discover after filing taxes.

“We got some back last year, but you never know what the grain or cattle market is going to do,” she said.

They put any refund they receive into their farm operations account and recycle it back through. If they end up having to pay taxes at the end of the year, they usually pay them out of the same operations account.

“Farming is a gamble,” she said. “You never know what kind of year you’re going to have.”

They haven’t filed their 2017 taxes yet but are planning to soon.

When two other farm wives were asked about getting a tax refund, both said, “We don’t know what that is.”

Last modified April 5, 2018