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HOW DO YOU COOK A TURKEY?: Mary Thiessen's Kindergarten class

Mary Thiessen’s kindergarten class

Buy it and then make it and then have dinner and then eat it.

— Leah Decker

You just put it in the oven. You can even skin it off.

— Joesuf Creely

Take all the stuff out of it first. Then put it in the turkey fryer. Then take it out of the turkey fryer. Then done.

— Hunter Glenn

You cook a turkey by cutting off its head, taking out its blood, heart, feathers, brain, beak, and feet. Then you cook it in the oven and then you eat it.

— Roxandra Grob

Turn on the oven. After you cook the turkey, you put it on the plate. And that is all.

— Kate Lynn Huls

Get meat, oil, and three eggs. Then put them in the oven. Then cook it. Then you could go and have Thanksgiving.

— Reagan Rives

Go buy it at the store. Then go cook it at home. You get a pan and you need a spoon to cook it too. But the most important part is the stove and you to turn on the stove, too. And you put the turkey in the stove. You have to set a time for it to cook. After you cook it, you eat it. But you have to eat it with the family.

— Dalton Britton

You have to put something like cheese corn in the pan. Then you grab something else like green beans and pepperoni and you can put cheese in there. You have to get the skin off the turkey and put the meat in the pan again and you grab it with something and then you put it on a plate. Then you eat it.

— Kaiden Newman

You fry it. You put it on the stove. You take it out, you skin it and you eat it.

— Lucas Partridge

Put it in a pan and add ingredients like chicken ingredients. Turn the stove on and it goes and when it beeps you have to take it out.

— AJay Bee

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