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HOW DO YOU COOK A TURKEY?: Emily Bowlin's third-grade class

Emily Bowlin’s
third-grade class

Hello. You are here with chef Janessa. We are going to make a turkey today. First of all you got to have a turkey. If you live on a farm and have turkeys then go outside and kill it. Then clean it off so you can eat it. Then get a bowl and take all the skin off the turkey. When you’re done, get a big pan and put turkey on it. Then put it in the oven. Then set it for 200 minutes. After 200 minutes is done take it out and eat it.

— Janessa Sutton, 8

Put the turkey in the stove for 8 minutes. I eat the turkey now. I feed the bones to the dogs.

— Brooklyn Moore, 8

First buy a turkey. Next you put it in a pan. Then stick it in the oven for six hours. Last take it out and eat it.

— Wilda Page, 8

First ingredient is to unwrap the turkey. Now second ingredient is to pool the juice. The third put it in the oven for 200 degrees F. Wait until 6:00. Wait until you think it’s cooled off. Pull the bone out. You can eat the turkey.

— Hayli Marie Newman, 9

Turkey ingredients: ONE BIG TURKEY, half a cup of pepper and a quarter cup of salt. Boil it on high 30 minutes. Put it on a plate. Put some biscuits on the side of the plate. Put some apples on the table. Put the turkey on the table and eat.

— Kael Hutchison, 8

First, heat up the fryer. Then put powder on the turkey. Then put it in the fryer for 30 to 40 minutes. Then take out of the fryer. Cut it up. Then it is ready to eat.

— Tanner Parks, 8

First put the turkey in the oven. Let it cook for 3-6 hours, on 200 degrees F. When it is finished take the turkey out of the oven and let it cool. When it’s done cooling, put ½ of a cup of seasoning on it, stuff it, cut it up, and eat it.

— Justin Hold, 9

To start you need a turkey, pepper, salt, and any other seasonings you want. You need 1/3 cup of water. Put the oven to 350 degrees. Bake for one hour. When done baking, stuff it with stuff. That is how you make a turkey.

— Lexi Davis,9

Turn on the oven. Chop the head. Cook at 350 for 30 minutes to an hour. Put it in the pot. Put in the seasoning. Put in the turkey. Pull it out.

— Weston Gaines, 8

Cook a turkey for two days but you need to season it. Let it cook for two whole days. It only comes once a year. Enjoy it while you can and with your family.

— Jesse Fore, 8

Buy a turkey then preheat the oven for 3-4 minutes. Then put the turkey in the oven and 3-5 minutes. If you want it juicy cook it for 5-7 minutes. Then take it out and slice it up and eat it!

— Alex Young, 8

My dad cooks with a turkey fryer. You put it in the turkey fryer. You take it out of there. Then you carve it. Then you eat it.

— Jacob Steed, 8

Go to a store to buy the turkey and all the stuff you need to cook the turkey. Take the turkey that you bought and cook the turkey. Cook it in a huge pan and put it in the oven for one hour. Then take it out and carve it. Then eat it. The end.

— Joseph Estey, 8

First you put the turkey in the oven. Second cook it three minutes and twenty seconds. Third then eat it.

— Matthew Robinson, 8

To make a turkey first you to your local store. Then you cook it for 5 minutes. Put cranberry sauce on it. Then put the seasonings and spices on. Then you eat!

— Jefferson Glover, 7

First I would buy the turkey. Then I would take the package off. After that I would carve it. Then I would put it in something and cook it for one hour and thirty minutes. After I’m done cooking it I will eat it.

— Ciara Frye, 8

Buy a turkey. Then cut the turkey. Take the bones out of the turkey. Then put it in the stove for 0:21. Then take the turkey out of the stove. Then eat it.

— Isaiah Fistler, 8

The first thing to do is buy the turkey. Then take it home and take the net off of it. Then rinse it off. Put it in the oven and have it cook for seven hours. Take it out after the seven hours. Cut it up into pieces. Get out the garlic. And done! You are ready to eat the turkey!

— Sophie Coover, 8

I would get a turkey and put it in the oven for 300 degrees F. After it bakes for three days take it out and put in stuffing. Next set the table and put the turkey on it.

— Lucas Spencer, 8

First I would go hunt the turkey with my dad. Next pluck the feathers. Then shove it in the oven for about four hours. Last we carve it and eat. And that’s how I would cook a turkey.

— Justus Spicher, 8

Go to the store and buy a turkey. Then stuff it with stuffing. Put salt and pepper on it. Put it on the platter. Stick it in the oven. Cook it, let’s say for about an hour or so at close to 40 degrees. Eat it. Then you have a nice good turkey.

— Colton Gossen, 9

First preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Let it warm up for a minute. Put salt and pepper on the turkey. Then put the turkey in the oven. Put it in for an hour. Take it out and carve it. Put pepper on it. Then let everybody come over and eat it!

— Jessie Talkington,

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