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How can employers show appreciation to workers?

“If I ask for a day off, I get it. I have to fill out my form a month ahead of time, but my boss always works with us.”

Machelle Ratzloff, Marion

“My boss is always very verbally thankful, expressing it with her words and little stuff like that.”

Lane Markham, Peabody

“Make sure they have enough help during the day to make sure they’re not slowing anybody down.”

Randy Ray, Hillsboro

“Bring them some treats. Donuts, cookies, stuff like that. That’s just my suggestion. Something special for the employees.”

Leroy Just, Hillsboro

“Bonuses and incentives are nice. Where I work, my boss raises cattle on the side, so he’ll give us all a few pounds of beef.”

Aaron Gallaway, Hillsboro

“Monday’s a holiday, so how about you let them go home early Friday to start the weekend earlier. Let them go home earlier, I think they’d appreciate that.”

Roger Hannaford, Marion

“Most of them have it, but medical or health insurance is nice.”

Mark Putter, Marion

“Words mean so much more to me. I appreciate just the words of appreciation.”

Debbie Allen, Hillsboro

Last modified Sept. 4, 2020