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How about that?

Apparently the column that ran in this space during the past week struck a note with a number of folks my age. The story of the give-away baby chicks dyed in Easter hues generated comments from quite a few readers. All this time I thought the Ben Franklin Store in Cedar Falls, Iowa was unique with the baby chick give-away that thrilled me and my younger brother and sister back in the 1950s.

I could not have been more mistaken. It seems hatcheries and variety stores from coast-to-coast were all in on the plan to give away dyed baby chicks. While I thought I was sharing a unique event from my growing-up years with my readers, it appears my readers remembered their own baby chick events at Easter.

I am pretty sure the realization barely hits the “Oh gosh, are you kidding” register, but I am none the less surprised the shared experience was so widespread. Even Melvin Honeyfield, Hoch Publishing advertising guru and tech whiz hollered from his cubicle, “Wow, I remember those dyed Easter chicks!” as he read the column, trying to decide whether to place it into an additional newspaper. Melvin hardly ever hollers from his cubicle so I took his comment as an enthusiastic endorsement.

Sometimes I complain about not reaching many readers except those six regular souls who truly support my efforts, but that free chicken column really ratcheted up the positive response numbers. It always is good to hear from those of you who read the paper and have an opinion about what is in it. You do not even have to agree with an opinion I write. Feedback of any kind is helpful. Sometimes it is fun.

I enjoyed reading your emails and talking to you about your fluffy Easter chick experiences. Thank you for sharing!


Last modified April 8, 2015