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For years I have said that Kansas summers do not bother me. For years I meant it. Ever since taking over this media job where I get to tell you what I think, I have railed against the northern winters where I grew up. Summer in Kansas is hot, yes indeed; but summer in Kansas still is better than winter in any other spot I know. There are even like-minded people here in Peabody who are right with me on this.

The past month has tested my resolve, I will admit. I have spent some bucks watering my birds. They were distressed and I was happy to turn on the sprinkler for them. I also have a terrific central air conditioning system for which I am grateful, but for which I am sure I will spend even bigger bucks than I spent on the birds. Sometimes grabbing a breath is a little tough in the triple digit heat.

But still, I am not cold. That counts for a ton with me. Am I concerned about your crops and cattle? Of course I am. I also am concerned about my trees, squirrels, birds, and rabbits. However, September is right around the corner. And can the numbing snow months be far behind?


Many thanks to all of you who let me know that you enjoyed my column about the red fox in the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin this past week. I was surprised to find that the column generated that kind of a reaction. I now know just about all of the locations of red fox dens in the community, as well as all of the dens noted in about the past decade … just in case I care.

The column also prompted comments about where skunks, opossums, deer, and feral cats and dogs hang out in our community. Surprised? I was a bit taken aback, but then I remembered seeing deer feeding on the lawn of a neighbor early one morning in the winter some time back. And we had turkeys roaming Walnut Street downtown a number of years ago. When I worked for Jean Maples at Towne and Country Clothing in the 1970s and 1980s we always were aware of lizard ‘droppings’ on the sidewalk at the edge of the building.


Just in case you missed it there was a ribbon cutting downtown Monday morning for two new businesses. Congratulations to Linda Martinez who opened Manestreet Beautique and to Brent and Lezlie Miles of El Dorado for bringing a coin operated laundry back to Peabody. Both businesses are located in the building at 110 N. Walnut. Another ribbon cutting Tuesday afternoon took place at the newly re-opened Coneburg Inn on Peabody Street. I am especially proud of this one since the new owner is the youngest Marshall daughter! Visit all three of these businesses and thank the new owners for their investment in our community — and then be sure to patronize them so they stay.

— Susan Marshall

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