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Hospital agrees to overdue bill settlement

Four other hospitals’ debts into settlement against Hillsboro hospital

News editor

A medical supplies company will collect $113,500 to settle past due accounts of Hillsboro Community Hospital and four affiliated hospitals, according to an agreed judgment approved Thursday by district court magistrate judge Margaret White.

McKeeson Medical Surgical, Inc. filed suit against HCH, legally described as CAH Acquisition Company No. 5, in Marion County District Court in December for $73,756, including $52,924.70 in delinquent payments plus interest and attorney fees.

Thursday’s settlement agreement consolidates outstanding past due accounts from HCH and four other hospitals operated by EmpowerHMS.

McKeeson agreed to accept $113,500 to “zero out all amounts owed” by HCH, Prague (Oklahoma) Community Hospital, Fairfax (Oklahoma) Community Hospital, Washington (North Carolina) County Hospital, and I-70 Community Hospital in Sweet Springs, Missouri.

The $113,500 will be paid in five monthly installments of $22,700, commencing on or before June 6.

Last modified April 18, 2018