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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

What’s the point of having holidays? In the history of God’s people, special feasts and festivals served the purpose of sharpening a national focus on the deeds of God that had blessed and preserved them as a people.

This was accomplished in a variety of activities, but these observances were far from unrelated “stuff.” They were crucial to keeping the national conscience alert to their godly heritage and the responsibilities that came with it.

The reason for such regular reminders is that we fallen human-beings tend to take things for granted. Or worse, we forget the reason for the holiday and turn it into a selfish act. We make ourselves the centerpiece. But only when we live in relationship with God can we hope to experience real joy, and keep our priorities in the right order. This is true of individuals, families, and nations.

So, when you prepare for the holidays, ask yourself, “What does this holiday teach me about God and what He’s done for me?”

Last modified Nov. 21, 2013