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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Which came first

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Have you ever heard anyone use that question as another way of describing some other supposed mystery? It’s as if they’re admitting that there is evidence on both sides of an issue and no one can really say with inarguable certainty that one thing is an indisputable fact.

In our society — often called a post-Christian culture — the ability to walk the fence without coming down on one side or the other of an issue is seen as the sort of thing that academia applauds. After all, aren’t we to be “open-minded and tolerant” of diverse opinions?

Imagine me sticking out my tongue and making that slobbery “raspberry” sound.

The answer to the question that started this article is in the Bible. Really. In fact, the first few chapters of the Bible reveal the incredible answer. And it’s not hard to figure out.

God created the animals first, and put within them the natural ability to reproduce their own kind. Read it for yourself. Isn’t it amazing that even a thing as simple as an egg offers a testimony to God as the brilliant Creator?

Last modified May 17, 2012