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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: What's wrong with my yard?

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

I’m not mowing as often as I have in the previous months. No, it’s not because our yard is a national park and therefore is shut down. It’s due to the fact that the grass has lost some of its urge to reach for the sky. It’ll have a few spurts before it finally settles down for a winter nap, and that’s okay. The grass isn’t dead, it’s just in a different part of its life cycle.

Christians can be a lot like grass. No, I’m not suggesting Christians need to be run down with a mower! I’m simply pointing out that while there are times in every Christian’s life where growth comes fast and furious, there are also times when it slows — or even seems to have stalled.

This is where prayer and discernment are critical. It may just be that God is deepening the roots in order to prepare you for more growth later. But it could be that something is wrong and God wants to do a little weeding — or a major brush clearing — so that future growth is possible.

Stay in the Word and in prayer — God will show you the answer.

Last modified Oct. 9, 2013