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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: What does love do?

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

What does love do?

In the Bible we see that love sacrifices, forgives, and seeks the best for others. It brings healing and freedom.

This kind of love is God’s character revealed in action. It’s the kind of love — often called AGAPE love in the Bible — that could never be earned or stolen. It can only be accepted as a gift.

This kind of love comes into our lives when we are born again and turns our focus upward to God and outward to others.

Jesus summed up all the laws of God in two commands: love God and love others.

Our secular culture doesn’t foster this kind of love. It offers poor imitations or a counterfeit product it calls “love” but it is usually selfish in its aim. It’s a false kind of love that doesn’t have the best interests of others in view. And it ignores God. In fact, God and others are just seen as things to use to bring happiness.

Christian love changes lives, both for the giver and for the one to whom it is given. Whose life are you changing?

Last modified Feb. 12, 2014