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Hope in the Heartland

The tuner

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

As I sit to write this article, the painful sounds of a piano being tuned are floating in from the other room. It sounds like some animal is being tortured. Over and over. Without end. Amen.

But it’s just an out-of-tune piano being coaxed back to its most effective condition by the skillful hands of a trained musician. We invited him over to do his work and adjust our piano so beautiful music can once again come forth.

Many times in our lives we must decide whether or not we trust God to “tune” our lives to the condition He knows is best for us. He understands us. He wants what’s best for us. And since it’s impossible for us to “tune” ourselves, we call upon the expert to get the job done, and we entrust our lives into His gentle care.

Are you letting God keep your life in tune?

Last modified Feb. 9, 2013