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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

What’s a sermon?

Some might answer that question by attempting to define the word. Others might concentrate on the length of time it takes for a preacher to deliver a message as a key part of their answer to that question. Some answers will come from those who have a positive feeling about preachers and preaching. Others might respond from a less-than-friendly perspective.

Simply put, a sermon is a message in which the speaker attempts to expose the Scriptures in a way that helps hearers grasp the meaning and application of a Biblical passage, theme or topic. I say “attempts” because sometimes we preachers will fail to communicate or connect. It happens. We’re human.

While there are other wonderful parts of the feast we call “worship,” there is no substitute for the meat of Biblical preaching. None. Period. It is absolutely indispensable to the health of the Church. Which is why our full attention — from pulpit and pew — should be given to the preaching.

Most likely, your preacher is working hard to prepare sermons that will feed your soul. Meet him halfway by coming prepared to listen.

Last modified Oct. 16, 2013