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Hope in the Heartland

That pesky holiday

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

That pesky holiday is back. You know … the one that secularists want to put a pair of big ears and puffy tail on. They look at Christians with a “come on, lighten up a little” attitude because we keep steering the conversation back to Jesus and an empty tomb. What’s a Bible thumper to do?

The truth is that I like hard boiled eggs and have been known to devour a chocolate bunny in near record time. I’m even a fan of cute little critters that hop around and make people go, “Awwww, isn’t that precious?” But my biggest problem is not with cuteness, but with ugliness; the ugliness of sin. And you can’t cover that in chocolate.

In fact, there is only one thing that will cover sin: the sacrifice of Christ. And that sacrifice would be meaningless if Jesus became nothing more than a rotting corpse. But He didn’t. He rose from the grave and forever conquered death.

Yes, knowing the truth about Easter matters — a lot. And responding to the resurrected Lord matters even more. So, if you know the truth, what are you going to do about it?

Last modified April 4, 2012