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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Recently I had the privilege of working with other parents to prepare for a theater production. We worked before the show and behind the scenes to get everything ready so that the show could be a success. There was a special sense of satisfaction that came with being a part of something.

That contentment wouldn’t have been there if all I’d done is sit in the audience knowing all the other parents had worked super hard beforehand, and I hadn’t lifted a finger to help. Nor would there have been a sense of enjoyment that comes with serving had I just sat back and criticized what everyone else had done but never pitched in.

It’s that way with church, also. God has gifted us so that we can serve each other and become part of something bigger than ourselves. But too many people are spectators. They sit in the audience and gripe about sound, lights, seating, length, etc.

Stop being satisfied with only being a spectator. Become an active, productive part of the Church. We could use your help.

Last modified April 18, 2013