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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

The church has a commission to impact the world. This directive is clear. There’s a whole book in the New Testament that shows how the early believers put this command into action.

Before the church began, Jesus told His disciples that they were to impact society like salt impacts meat and light impacts darkness. Some folks look at those words from Jesus, offer a polite nod, then utter, “Well, yeah, but that was for then. After all, we live in a modern society of space travel, computer science, and genetic engineering. Jesus lived waaaaay back in history.”

Is Christianity an old truth that is no longer connected to the “real world?” Is it now relegated to the shelves of history, along aside other dusty books? Is it only fit for display under a glass dome at a museum?

In other words, is Christianity relevant today?

The church will only remain relevant if it stays directly connected to the timeless and timely truths of Scripture, and understands the world to which we are trying to communicate.

What are you doing to demonstrate the eternal relevance of Christianity?

Last modified June 6, 2013