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Hope in the Heartland

Onions and prayer

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Let’s talk onions and the people who love them. They’re annoying. For some reason they live with the conviction that onions belong in everything. They live to French onion this and Vidalia that, and if you ask them why they put the nasty things in everything, they respond by saying, “They’re for flavoring … but you won’t even know they’re there.”

“Then what’s the point?” I ask. And they look at me like I just lit an American flag.

Nevertheless, undaunted, they dab their watery eyes and resume chopping red, white, and yellow balls of layered yuck.

The “to onion or not to onion” debate will continue, but there is one ingredient that we should all include in our lives. That ingredient is prayer. The Bible tells to pray without ceasing, to be in an attitude of prayer, and to pray at all times. It’s not an option for a Christian. A believer can’t look at prayer and think, “That’s for some people, but not for me.” Unlike onions (or peas — but that’s a different article) prayer is not a matter of taste … it’s a matter of obedience and fellowship.

Let’s pray!

Last modified June 14, 2012