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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

“But, your honor, I didn’t know I should have renewed my car tags.”

“Didn’t you get the written notice about paying your tags and taxes? The sticker on your car is five months past due. And you’ve been warned once and cited twice.”

“Here’s the deal, sir — I’m a really nice person and I’ve just been so busy with important stuff. And I meant to take care of this eventually … someday. You know what I mean?”

He stares at you and smiles. “Oh, okay! Since you put it that way, I’m going to overlook this little issue. Have a nice day.”

That’s going to happen — right? Wrong!

But taking a chance with outdated car tags and taking a chance with your soul are two different things. The Bible gives us written notice of how to avoid the judgment of God. If we ignore His gracious warning and His plan to remove our guilt, He won’t overlook it because we’re nice or busy. He knows if we’ve taken time to follow Jesus or not.

And no excuse will fool Him.

Last modified Oct. 31, 2013