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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

One time I got lost while hiking in the mountains of Colorado. I was on a youth group trip. A few of us teenagers went off to do our own thing, after being given a time to be back to camp, since the group was scheduled to go on an outing later in the evening.

So a couple of us decided to hit the trails. The problem was that after a while all the trails looked the same. Then when the sun started to head for the hills, I had less of an appreciation for nature and more of a gnawing suspicion that I wasn’t going to find my way out of the woods. As the sun sank, so did my hopes.

However, eventually my youth minister came looking and found us.

But worse than the feeling of being lost is not knowing you are lost. That’s the condition that millions of people are in. Spiritually they’re separated from God, but they are unaware of their condition and the eternal peril in which they daily exist.

Jesus came to find us. Why would you want to stay lost?

Last modified June 7, 2012